Nothing tastes better than a hot brew of your favourite tea in your newly DIY painted cup.  One of the simplest DIYs we have done but oh-so-pretty and with very little money spent on creating it.

So head on down to your local hardware store and get your supplies and make a whole set of prettiness for your guests to enjoy when they pop over for a chin-wag and a hot brew of their favourite beverage.

Happy Creating and Tute you later :)

Step 1:   Create your design on your ceramic using masking tape

Step 2:   Be sure to give your pot of paint a good stir before you start using it.

Step 3:  The fun part - Paint the areas/design you have taped

Step 4:   Let the paint set for 4 to 6 hours.  Be sure to check the label on the pot of paint for the dry time.

Step 5:   Slowly peel back the masking tape....and voila!

Put on the kettle and ENJOY!  This is a great idea to paint a dish for your wedding rings, charger plates for your wedding reception.  The ideas are endless!