A Bohemian themed wedding gives you the freedom to channel a childlike and carefree spirit with elegance; accentuated by touches of gold treasures.

We were inspired by the willow-like tree with its playful branches; its presence and movement allowing mother-nature to embrace the wedding party.

We created a unique dream catcher, taking a simple tapestry design flowing down to feathers as leaves that will sway with the wind.

And just like any Bohemian bride with a floral crown, this piece is then topped with a floral chandelier which provides a summer element that is vibrant and full of colour.

Let the magic of mother-nature and your enchanted beauty create everlasting memories.

Venue: The Gatehouse
Florals + Styling: Confetti Love Boutique
Photography: My Heart Follows Photography
Hair + Makeup: Romaine - Makeup Artist