We love the hype leading up to an event, nerves kick in, stomach's turning and excitement in the air.  On the day our set-up plan is thought out with every flower and prop put into it's exact place for the event.  When everything is in it's place we step back and watch the day's events unfold.

We often see the aftermath of what was an amazing event.  It actually makes my heart happy knowing that we played a part in creating an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  One of our favourite things to do now is collecting the leftover florals and repurposing them to create new beautiful arrangements or bouquets.  This idea, inspired by others doing a similar thing, has helped us to extend the joy felt from the event, onto others.

We have delivered repurposed wedding and corporate florals to the following places and what a joy it was to see faces light up when they received their personal floral arrangement or bouquet:

  • Elderly Care, Hutt Hospital
  • Te Omanga Hospital, Lower Hutt
  • Shona McFarlane Retirement Village
  • WelTec HR Team
  • Totara Hospice, Manurewa, Auckland

We feel very honoured to do this on behalf of our clients.  "Spread the Joy" is our way of doing our little bit to make our communities better.